Gum Contouring


Dr. Hughes discusses the dramatic impact that gum contouring can have on a Loudon County patient's smile. He uses precise, gentle techniques, so most patients require no more than local anesthetic. In some cases, he may incorporate laser therapy, which can expedite healing.

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Gum Contouring is a procedure where the patient realizes, or we realize, that their smile can be enhanced, the shape of their teeth can be enhanced, the proportion of the teeth can be corrected by gum contouring. I do that with electric surgery and sometimes a scalpel or laser. The result here, again, this is another procedure where the results were quite immediate. For pain management of the patients, most patients don't require heavy analgesia. They just require the local anesthesia for the period of the procedure and maybe Motrin or Tylenol afterward. It's not that painful. The procedure may take about an hour to perform on most patients. And here, again, it's a procedure that yields a very, very quick and positive result.

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