Periodontal Treatment Can Improve Oral and General Health


Dr. Hughes highlights the connection between periodontal health and general health. He strives to help patients achieve better overall health through excellent oral health. With timely treatment for gum disease, Dr. Hughes can decrease his patients' risk of developing conditions like heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's, and more.

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Periodontal treatment is necessary when one has gingival inflammation that has pretty much gotten out of control and they have bone loss associated with the inflammation. And basically, the whole concept of periodontal treatment is to reduce the bacterial load in the mouth. So we have to open the site and clean all the diseased tissue out of there. And this affects the body overall. People walking around with it that have severe gum infections, one, it makes diabetes hard to manage. We know now that gum infections contribute to, guess what, pancreatic cancer, the heart, even strokes, even pre-term deliveries. So we can't separate the body from the rest of the mouth, it's part of the body. And there is this oral systemic connection. In other words, the mouth is connected to the rest of the body. And these infections do have adverse effects on people. Even Alzheimer's disease, things like that. So things that the lay people don't think about, even other doctors don't think about, it impacts on your overall health. Here at Hughes Dentistry, we treat people for periodontal conditions. And we can correct them and maintain the patient so they're in a more optimal state of health.

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